Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Want My Tupperware!

good afternoon people... how's your day? mine is super cool! I've started my 1st day of teaching for 2013 and nothing much to do yet, isn't it awesome where you've went to work but you don't have any work to do?? hhhehehe well, here comes my story of the day... I am teaching morning session and I didn't teach my previous classes and pupils at all, where I believe it is a tragedy... because I was so close with them, I'm getting to know each one of them but suddenly my pupils are changing for this year... I missed them seriously! so, I was in the staffroom, 'studying' a bit about the textbooks then came one of my previous and special pupil... he's coming to the staffroom, searching for his class teacher and start mumbling, yelling 'I want my tupperware!' 

you have to know, this boy is super special... he is one of the slow learners, he can't even write his own name but his English is first class with some kind of British accent... he comes to school for picnic, seriously he is not learning... while I'm teaching, he will suddenly ask me to hide, the enemy has arrived... he even asked me to find him Mr.Bean because he never see Mr.Bean for real... he asked me to ride his imaginary horse and lots more thing... there once, he asked me to bring my toothbrush and toothpaste, he kept repeating that for the whole period of mine, then only I knew he was learning about how to brush our teeth properly...

so today, he was crying, mumbling, yelling asking for his tupperware because he forgot to bring it to school... he kept repeating, ask for his tupperware... hehehehe such a pure boy!