Wednesday, February 8, 2012

~~A suCCessFuL StoRy of A MonG tEacheR~~

another entry.. well my fingers are getting hardworking these few days... they have done lots of work perfectly... well done fingers!! this is my third week as a new teacher.. gosh, it's already about a month to reach... please hurry Mr. time, get fly to November silently! in these three weeks as a teacher, I'm starting to get used to its new surrounding, the senior teachers and of course the pupils as well... like I've told you guys before, most of them cannot understand either English or Malay Language... but I guess I've already found my chemistry along with the pupils... no more shouting to ask them to keep quiet and no more harsh... I've just need to give some hints they will understand by themselves... good pupils are they isn't it?? do you want to see our good 'relationship' for this week?? have a peek on these photos... these are the true proof that we are now connected and I'm officially a SJKC English teacher!

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