Friday, September 16, 2011

~~AgaK LaMa~~

yeahh quite some time, I did not listening to Malays songs.. racist?? no, it is not about racist, but for this time being, I prefer to listen English songs..hahahha last time I've listen to Malay songs is.......... well, you can say about two years ago... dangg!! yeah, I've told you, I was!! so this entry is to show you guys that my support towards Malaysian songs never ends... eventhough, I did not listen for it for about two years... how come I created this post?? well, I'm doing my work, I fell kind of boring when I kept listening to the same latest English songs.. so I've browsed up my folder in my lappy and I've played all the Malay songs in the folder.. and then suddenly, this song came up.. do you know how much I love Fabulous Cats *one of great Malaysian group* before?? so this video and this song is one of my favorite when I was addicted to Malay songs before... listen for it guys, enjoy the song and I hope you will love it... SELAMAT HARI MALAYSIA!!!

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