Sunday, September 4, 2011

~~SomEtiMeS ReaLiTy doeS KiLLeD~~

if you can view my facebook or my twitter account currently, you might can see my updates... everything is about my disappointment... disappointment of what?? well, the holidays had come to ends and I have to go back to the school... making my emotion worst is the messages, mails and phone calls from my supervisor which keep asking me the timetable after the break... and the result had turns out that she will come by this Tuesday, which is a day after tomorrow... yeahh I'm ok with that but the point is, should she come by so quick?? I'm still having complication in accepting that the holidays had end, and now this surprising news.. goshh how I wish we are still connecting by using message in bottles or smoke signal so she can come by a bit late as her messages will be replied relatively late... so what's next?? what else, I have started come through the textbook, rph and so on and I also had start typing!!
# current mode: I'm grieving!! sometimes reality does killed!

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