Tuesday, October 25, 2011

~~I Get ReaL Mad WheN~~

my last post was on 15th Oct, it is officially that I only post my entry once a week, is it?? so nice, I've always do things based on schedule, perfect!! I was on my Twitter few minutes ago and there is something trending that caught my eyes... so,I was thinking if I could post the trending into my Twitter account, why not in my blog home?? so, here it is... it's about what will makes you get really mad?? and these are my top ten answers:

I get real mad when:
1) people act nice to me but badmouth at my back... you such a big bad mouth ever and I know who you are!! I was a social studies student, I learned Linguistics and I also do learned human!! so please, stop being fake!!
2) I was about to sleep or do something and then suddenly my phone rings or vibrates.. uh, bad tim
3) people act like 'lalang'... hello, can't you just speak out your opinions?? why do you have to follow people around you??!!
4) people who always rely on us... they are lame!! act superb but nothing...
5) people with their thoughts that they are always right.. hello, the world is spinning and so do you..
6) I am doing my stuffs and suddenly my things are gone... where the hell it goes??
7) I speak little, so don't speak too much to me... you will only get my smile as a respond..
8) when I ask and they are asking
me back... ohh yucks! I hate long conversation and with none answer..
9) people always arrogant about themselves: I'm beautiful, I'm hot and bla bla bla... yeah right,
you are just a woman not a lady!!
10) when I text to people and they take lots of time to reply.... hohohoho you may create a next world war...

so that's it... what's your answer??

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