Sunday, October 2, 2011

~~My LovE NoTe to My LovE~~

I woke up at ten am, check my phone.... I've make a phone call to him 'wake up, we've got claz'.. then he will arrived to pick me up 30 minutes later... in the class, we are studying and playing somehow until the classes end.. then, grab our lunch, went to dectar, make chaos over there... went there, went here all together just him and me... I've went everywhere with him and I did everything with him... that was before, a year before...

now, I woke up at 5 am, I still woke him up for schools... I've went to my class, and he went to his class, separately... I've went camping, he went camping, separately... I took my lunch, he took his, separately... there is still jokes and fights but in a separate way... we were always together before, 24/7... but now we only met for once for 2-3 months... you know, the current situation is totally different than before.. we are now separating, moving as a solo person and I do missing him... how I wish he's here, besides me as usual..

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