Thursday, October 27, 2011

~~DisneY PrinCessEs ComE ALive!!~~

who don't like the Disney series?? I believe everybody do love it so much isn't it?? I was dying to be one of the Disney Princesses when I was kid... Each time I'm watching the series, I will imagine myself as the heroine of the series, suffer at the beginning of my story and then a prince come to my life and finally we live happily ever after... it is so sweet right?? I believe each girls in this world do have the same imagination... well, who don't want to be a princess?? here comes the story, a genius artist was having his exhibition about these Disney Princesses.. he draw them back but he did add the actual features of human being into his drawings... he used his fully imagination to make these princesses to come alive... look further on this drawing, hot isn't it?? No wonder people are always jealous of them in their series.. and they do deserve their prince as well...

my favorite goes to Jasmine from Aladdin series!! goshhh, she's gorgeous!!!

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