Sunday, November 6, 2011

~~HoLd YouR TriGGErS!!~~

alright, happy eid people!! how's your celebration?? I guess you guys have the same routine like usual, meeting relatives, eat and have a great time with your family members... or perhaps you have to work or do your assignments or study for your final exam *things that I should do, but sorry later!* hahahhaa what about me?? this is unbelievable!! all my family members are actively participated on our grand gotong-royong ever!! yes, on eid day, how's that?? funny is it?? people do the house chores before celebration while we are doing it during celebrations... you have a great time?? ohh yes, so do my family and I, just more FUN!!

so, we met our old books, clothes and toys!! seriously, I'll never realized that we have such amazing toys before!! we had played cooking, act like a doctor running the operations, bowling, guns and bullet are everywhere, guess we are the old cowboys previously and lots more!! what did I love the most?? of course guns and bullets!! more triggers baby!! hahahahaha so each of us, three sibling took one and we did played like we are the army... stupid!! we are not that age already but still we have fun playing it!! guess we should try paintball... among all of us, I have about 4 guns by my own... why?? because I saw it first!!! yeahhh, and I've put my brother's old helmet as well, it's a kid one but it fits my head!! serious! no joke!! hahahaha

my guns!!!
my safety helmet... what?? we are having war, we need helmet!!

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