Wednesday, August 31, 2011

~~HaLLo KuaLa LumPuR!!~~

another different thing that my family and I doing is having our Raya at Kuala Lumpur!!! hahahahahaha well, my grandmom is not so well, she is having her treatment at Kuala Lumpur and she cannot traveling for this time being... so, we have decided to gather at my aunt's house at Klang... who says the highway is smooth on 2nd day raya?? yeahh, it's quite smooth but still millions of cars on board!! heyy don't they go and raya or something?? why do they have to travel?? grrrrrrr......... ok, the most exciting part of raya in Kuala Lumpur is the cookies box from our Yang Dipertua Agong!!! my siblings and I were like 'WHAT!!!!???' how come the box is at my aunt's house?? why and why?? it is so surprising man!! I'm telling you, my first time seeing this after 24 years breathing in this world!!! the box is blue with the raya wishes and pictures of Yang dipertua Agong and his wife... inside it, there are four boxes with different four cookies which are nicely made... how to get this?? yeahh, you have to go to the rumah terbuka Yang Dipertua Agong yesterday and you will definitely having this as souvenir... what?? you've missed it??!! yeah, so do I!!! perhaps we shall try our luck next year!! have some snap of this surprising box peeps... I'm sure you wanna have it too right?? It's come from our head of government ok??
the box

the cookies

and us!! hahaaha

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