Wednesday, August 31, 2011

~~My MerDekA DreAm~~

now, be serious everyone... I have something to share with you guyss... I am seriously mad with these immoral immigrants!! so stupid and low minded!! grrrrrrrr..... here comes the story... on the way to Kuala Lumpur, my family and I have a break at this one Nasi Kandar store.. we ordered nasi kandar, roti canai, mee goreng mamak and of course the teh tarik, Malaysian favourite drink... we are having our meal and the store was pack with people including the immigrants.. I could see the store are 85% full of them much more than Malaysian... well, it's Raya after all, where else should Malaysian be if not visiting their relatives... back to the story, while we are eating, I could see two male immigrants are having their meals... there is one Chinese young lady with her short pant is in line, queuing to pay for her roti canai nearby the male immigrants' table.. and these two male immigrants are non-stop looking for this Chinese's fair legs from toe to thigh!!! while they are watching the Chinese's legs, they keep talking to each other and laughing... damn these immigrants!!! I am sure they have something bad in their minds!! you immoral immigrants, get back to your country and leave our precious land immediately!! you have no use to be here unless destroying our land... you are the reason on our rising crime reports, the rape issues, the murderer issue, kidnapping reports and others... how I wish these immoral immigrants *except the good ones with the good intentions* go back to their homeland and then only our land will be MERDEKA... happy merdeka day MALAYSIA!! tanah tumpahnya darahku..

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