Wednesday, August 31, 2011

~~SeLamaT haRi RayA!!~~

hello loves!! fuhhh kinda busy lately, I have no time to open up my lappy, connect my maxis broadband, facebooking, tweet tweet and lots more... that's why we call it 'RAYA', because once in blue moon, we will get more busier baking cakes, baking cookies, packing duit raya yehaaa *wasn't me who giving the duit raya, I'm just helping my mom, putting it in the colourful envelopes* and also we are so busy arranging the house, iron the new clothes and so on so forth... amazing!! the preparation was so awesome!! in the meanwhile, the preparation at my house was amazing but most of the cookies, the clothes and the rest are well 'tunjuk' one... including the ketupat, also the 'tunjuk' ones!! hahahha trust me, my house never make our own lemang or ketupat, my mom usually ordered it from someone then we will serve it.. as simple as that!! my mom style hahahaha this year is a bit different, I don't ever know why I am so diligent... I've got back last Friday, I arrived at my home at the evening around 1.30pm.. then, my mom asked me to accompany her to TESCO buying some groceries for raya and I've ended up buying some cookies stuff hahahaha right after I arrived at the house, around 4pm, I've started baking my cookies... the funny thing is, I've never made this cookies!! I've did it all alone, my mom just looking while my dad keep asking when will I finished baking?? goshh, baking cookies took so much time!! I've finished it around 11pm!!! and trust me, I did it ALONE!! no help from anybody at all!! luckily, my parents did love it!! it's a traditional cookies, I've watched it in one of Raya tv program's at TV3... the cookies are called 'BISKUT SAMPAN'... nobody in my family know how to do the cookies and they kept questioning me 'how do you know about this cookies?' and so on.. but when I've showed it to my grandmom, she's proudly saying 'ohhhh kuih sampan!!! lama tak tengok!!!' ohh yeahh, I'm traditional enough!! I should live around 50's - 60's era with saloma, P. Ramlee and be my grandmom's bff!!

*the cookies are well-eaten!! everybody love it and my grandmom ask me to sell it next year.... what???!! SELAMAT HARI RAYA pe

mi familia in red theme

my 1st kuih raya aka biskut sampan ;)

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