Monday, January 23, 2012

~~PiRateS WannaBe??~~

I've started my first school holiday... nine days baby, such a beau!!! isn't it?? Before this holiday, I've received a box of oranges and angpow, given by my school... wehhooo should I say I love my school?? ok, so I've start my holiday and start travelling as well... yesterday, I've went to Tanjung Harapan... a nice place for fishing, picnic and sea side with family... amazing! the air is so nice and fresh, you gonna love it! yet still, garbage floating on the sea is one of the major crisis in Malaysia... hurmmm when are we going to change our point of view?? we went there on the evening, around 2pm, and if you want to go, I suggest you guys go there at 6pm onwards... then you will manage to catch your fresh seafood delicacies ever at there... ohhh I've missed it as I've went there earlier before the restaurant open! perhaps next visit yeah?? the most interesting thing about the view of Tanjung Harapan is the big ship... it's an old ship which I'm not sure about it's story... the ship is still in a good condition but unfortunately it is not well maintained... thus the ship looks so ugly, dirty and smelly... I believe some idiot people do their stuff upon the ship... because they are so idiot so they are so stupid to know the difference between ship and washrooms.... I think the people who are responsible on this place should be very aware about this matter... this place will be one of main tourism attraction as it is a good place for fishing, nice view and great seafood dishes were being served... for the end, have a peek on few of the pictures...

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