Wednesday, January 4, 2012

~~ThE BesT GifT of 2012~~

3 December 2012, the third day of 2012 in Malaysia was being celebrated with the re-opening of schooling session for this year.... hoorayyy!! no more kids hanging around in the afternoon, no more 12 years old youth riding his dad's bike to the grocery shop and plus no more cartoons!!! it's all end... and happy schooling dear kids especially for the year 1 pupils which just started their schooling... study well, this future teacher will come to school later, a bit late... this future teacher is still waiting for her posting school which I hope in a short while will be announced *please!!~~*

so does my younger sister, she just went back to pahang, to her college as the new semester just begun... the last wish of her is she wants chicken soup and also kuih bahulu... yesterday morning, we did went to buy groceries for chicken soup and hunting for her favorite kuih bahulu.... unfortunately, the kuih bahulu shop opened its door quite late, no kuih bahulu for her... still, we manage to bought the chicken soup items, so I did manage to feed her before she left last night to pahang... I did it on my mom's behalf, as she is working so please don't ruin your mind thinking why I did it, not our mom?? Sister, consider the chicken soup as the best gift from your currently penniless sister for your bright new year!! study well..will see you soon... mak, ayah, aie and me will miss you!

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