Thursday, December 16, 2010

~~It GoeS weLL~~

hahahhaa I'm happy, indeed very happy!! 1st of all, I would like to ask permission from all of you guys, let me post this entry in English language, ok?? I'm very happy because after 4 months graduating, after 4 months I don't speak in English at all but it seems that my English is just fine... This morning, I've attended my KPLI interview... Didn't I announced about it in my previous entry?? hahahha funny actually, could you guys imagine, me as a teacher??!! ok, so this morning, I've went with my mother.. The first thing, we have to do is write a short essay.. Then, the group discussion is begin.. Then finally, comes up the individual interview.. Guess what, last night, I've read everything about English and education, the ministry's mission, vision and their policies.. I also remembered all of them, but none of that is being asked.. The best part of it, the interviewers, the two of them are always laughing and laugh out loud.. It seems like we are having a chat at a cafe, nothing serious is happening... Then, one of them gave me a sentence and ask me about my knowledge in English and then explain it in details... While I'm explaining the sentence, they said I'm good... hahahhaa are you kidding?? alright, so then I should just wait for the result soon... let's see how's my performance later and I will definitely updating later guysss..

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